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Blondie: The Soldier [K I A]

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Blondie: The Soldier [K I A]

Post by Blondie on Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:34 pm

~Basic information

Gender: Male
Sexually: Straight
Species: Human

Age: 26
Weight: 168 lb
Birth date: July 6th 1810
Height: 6'2

~Family and History background:
He was born in a small town in Texas. His mother died giving birth and his father was killed in a bar fight gone wrong. He had never had a true name growing up he had several nicknames such as The Good, and Monco but most of the people who know call him "Blondie". In his early 20s he had helped wanted men by turning them in to the law and collecting the reward he would the save them from the hangmen's noose and splitting the reward. At the age of 26 he served as a soldier in the Alamo where he was supposed to die but a time lord named cat came and saved him and brought him to the airship aberrant

Birthplace: Los Ojuelos, Tx

Occupation: Soldier

~Physical Description

Hair style: Wavy and combed back with a beard
Eyes: Hazel
Body: Lean cut
Physical Condition: Healthy
Marks: slight scar across nose
Possessions, jewelry, etc: A knife and revolver he found of a dead soldier
Personality: Harden, rough, naturally quiet if you cross he won't hesitate to kill you
Likes: Smoking cigars, playing poker,
Dislikes: Anyone who crosses him
Fears: Nobody knows
Goals: To get revenge
Way of speaking: slow with a slight rasp
Physiological condition: normal


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