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Gavin Tyre: Poet

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Gavin Tyre: Poet

Post by Daniel Arcos on Mon Aug 05, 2013 5:15 am

-Basic information

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Human
Age: 17
Weight: 220
Birth date: Nov 9
Height: 5'11"
Birthplace: Mother Russia.
Occupation: (Poet? I don't really know my occupation ATM.)

-Physical Description

Hair style: Nothing special, front of the head laying forward, back of the head combed back. Darker brown in color.
Eyes: Brown
Body: Chubbeh
Physical Condition: Fair
Marks: n/a
Personality: Thinks outloud to himself, likes puns, a little bit of a loner, not a fan of people in a general sense, likes to be in the fight but from a distance.
Likes: Shooting things with large rifles, writing, solving problems.
Dislikes: People, Artichoke, hot weather
Goals: To better improve his writings by adventuring to places unbeknownst and slaying enemies not yet dead.
Way of speaking: Russian accent
Physiological condition: Everything works fine!

Growing through the streets of the Imperialistic Russia, Gavin was left most of the time to his own accord to eat and find shelter. On one of his childhood adventures, he stood outside of a pub and heard the flow of words come from an individual inside. Sneaking in to watch out of curiousity, he became very interested in this art of fluid speaking. He was soon caught by the pub's owner and thrown out, never again seeing the man that could make words melt the air like butter. Years quickly passed and Gavin grew, his abundent vocabulary also growing at an impressive pace. When he reached the age of 12, he again stood outside of the same pub, now not as astreet rat, but as a performer. He spoke to the people, and he did to them what that man had done to him years earlier and opened their eyes to a whole new level of art. While performing by the pub one day, a gentleman had invited him inside to have a conversation and a drink.The man introduced himself as Oscar Wilde. Gavin had not heard of this man, but quickly came to befriend, unbeknowingly, one of the most famous poets of his lifetime. Oscar offered to take the little russian street rat back to Ireland to study under him and become a better poet. Gavin soon experienced a whole new world he had never thought of. He was never short on food, and felt like that every night he slept on the clouds themselves. Oscar widened his English vocabulary as Gavin had been mainly speaking in Russian. Gavin came to love how easy the English language flowed and made it his primary language. For the next 5 years, he studied everyday under the esteemed Oscar Wilde, rarely leaving the mansion in which he called home. Nearing his 17th birthday, he asked Oscar for a daring, wild question. He wanted to go on an adventure outside to celebrate the day of birth. Oscar was stunned, but agreed. Gavin's world spun as he got to experience the world outside of the mansion. Ships flew through the sky here and there living on the breeze. The markets were sprawling to a point where they were almost their own cities. But with all of this amazement, something started to lurk in Gavin, a desire to experience it all. He did not know yet that he felt this way and returned to the mansion for a couple months more. The following summer, he announced to Oscar that he was leaving. Oscar did not react in anyway not seemed fit as he knew this day would come. He wished the boy good luck and wished to stay in touch. The final words Gavin heard from the man that turned his life around was, "Make your life one of those that I can only write about." Gavin set off, unknowing of exactly where he was heading, still practicing his writings everyday.
Daniel Arcos

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