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Amythyst Wade: Merchant

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Amythyst Wade: Merchant

Post by Daniel Arcos on Mon Aug 05, 2013 5:18 am

-Basic information

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Human
Age: 19
Weight: 135
Birth date: August 4
Height: 5'8"
Birthplace: Unknown.
Occupation: None yet.

-Physical Description

Hair style: However I feel to style it that day.
Eyes: Blue
Body: Fair
Physical Condition: Fair
Marks: n/a
Personality: Generally a very thoughtful person, keeps her word, very head working, has a lot of "out of the blue" moments, talks to self a lot, a bit weird, and likes to joke around a lot.
Likes: Helping others, traveling, animals, training.
Dislikes: Sweet food, not being able to do things at her own pace.
Fears: Loneliness.
Goals: Isn't sure yet.
Way of speaking: It's always something different.
Physiological condition: A bit slow, but other than that no.


Ever since she can remember, she was raised in a strict orphanage, out in the country. At the age of 16, Amythyst and her close friend (more like a brother to her) Merrick, had ran away, hoping to do something with their life other than being treated like dump at the orphanage. Hoping that there was towns near by, as two weeks sped by, there wasn't a trace of one. When starting to lose hope because there wasn't any water or bread left over, in a distance they could see a faint outlining of a town. Joy had overcome them as they made their way there, but she had noticed that Merrick hadn't been walking in a normal pace and had bit of a haggard breathe. She had asked if all was okay and he said fine with a smile on his face. She could see that he was sick and was hoping that they could reach the town in time so he could rest and get better.

When reaching the town, digging in her worn out pocket, she digs out her money, $5.32. Reaching the nearest inn , she asked for a room. Over the night, she had stayed up, taking care of Merrick as he rested. The following morning, waking up, she had found Merrick not breathing, he was gone. Over the past year, she had found a job working as a cleaner in a factory, secluding herself away, wondering what had happened and why.

After another 3 months of hard, long thinking, she came to the conclusion that she would live her life for her and Merrick and not let his life be wasted.

She found a new job as a merchant at a market and lived in an abandoned room alongside the market. For the next 2 in a half years, she made lots of new acquaintances, saved up money and became head of the market (like basically running it on her own), hoping that one day, she could explore the world just as her and Merrick had planned.
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