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Lumiere Your friendly neighborhood frenemy

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Lumiere Your friendly neighborhood frenemy

Post by Lumiere on Thu Aug 08, 2013 8:51 am

~Basic information

Gender: Male
Sexually: Oh you know
Age: 30
Weight: 220 counting all the bells and whistles
Birth date: You know he never figured that out

~Family and History background:
Lumiere may have been born French but was raised in Great Texas. His family was the first in their verse to discover oil. He runs a refinery which pays for all his needs. He sales the oil to another verse that has never used steam but is in dire need of petrol. Much of his history is unknown at this time.

Birthplace:Neo France

Occupation: On what day? Archivist, Oil Tycoon, Businessman, Performer, Amusement Park proprietor, paincage installation, lunacy.

~Physical Description

Hair style:black hair along back of head and metal dome up top. If you real quiet you might here a ticking and a tocking.
Eyes: Normally Blue, After Augmentation Bluish
Body: Left half Clockwork Augmentation. Right have looks perfectly normal minus his metal chest.
Physical Condition: Beat to tar but still trucking
Marks: all over the place. its hard to keep metal shiny. And Pointer (his left hand) loves to cause a ruckus.
Possessions, jewelry, etc: Camera hat
Personality: Unsettling
Likes: Jam on toast and animal hybrid women.
Dislikes: Tuesdays
Fears: Heights
Goals: Get away with his daily plans
Way of speaking: Convoluted but with a purpose.
Physiological condition:[/b][/color] Have you met me?
Airship Ironshark
Airship Ironshark

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Re: Lumiere Your friendly neighborhood frenemy

Post by Daniel Arcos on Thu Aug 08, 2013 8:50 pm

Glad to have you here Lumiere.

Daniel Arcos

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