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Jessamine Ivey: The Taxidermist/Zoologist

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Jessamine Ivey: The Taxidermist/Zoologist

Post by Jessamine Ivey on Fri Aug 09, 2013 1:29 pm

~Basic information

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Human
Age: 22
Weight: 98 lbs
Birth date: October 29th, 1898
Height: 5'2"

~Family and History background:

Born in Liverpool, England in 1898, Jessamine Ivey was raised solely by her father after her mother passed away after childbirth. He held a seat in the British parliament, and had no time to deal with his daughter. She lived with her father on a vast piece of land due to their enormous wealth and involvement in politics. Jessamine spent most of her time alone and without friends because of her father's cruelty. His bitterness based from the loss of his wife and her mother. One night Jessamine snuck out into their massive backyard to escape the unbearable clutches of imprisonment, and she spotted a deer grazing on the edge of the property. She followed this deer intently, and quietly. She heard the crack of a gunshot ring out and the deer slunk to the ground. An animal pelt-clad woman emerged from the woods and spotted Jessamine, they made their acquaintance and she led Jessamine back to her house where she offered an apprenticeship in the art of Taxidermy. Jessamine accepted gladly and spent the next several years perfecting her craft and studying the animals she was immortalizing. She left her home in 1916 to explore the world and its creatures. She traveled to America in early 1920 to look for work, maybe somewhere that will allow her to travel and continue her work on animals.

Birthplace: Liverpool, England

Occupation: Taxidermist/Zoologist

~Physical Description

Hair style: Long, Curly
Eyes: Green
Body: Slender
Physical Condition: Healthy
Marks: None
Possessions, jewelry, etc: Piercings of the ears
Personality: Shy
Likes: Animals, adventure, walking, collecting
Dislikes: Small spaces, being controlled
Fears: Claustrophobia
Goals: Find a new species and make it her own
Way of speaking: English accent
Physiological condition: Anorexic, dependent, insecure

Jessamine Ivey

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