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    Cat: Timelord

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    Cat: Timelord

    Post by Daniel Arcos on Mon Aug 05, 2013 5:10 am

    -Basic information

    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Species: Galifrian
    Age: 2090
    Weight: 125
    Birth date: Unknown
    Height: 5'7"

    Birthplace: Galifrey
    Occupation: Time Lord


     Cat was born on Galifrey and lived a happy life with her mother and father on the utopian-like planet. That is, until the Daleks attacked and the Time War began. Her parents, sensing the incoming doom to the planet sent their little 14 year old daughter away in their own TARDIS. Having been sent away against her will and wanting to fight along side her parents and fellow timelords, Cat has alway blamed herself for the destruction of her own planet. Since, after spending years trying to rewrite history to keep the war from starting and save everyone, she finally found that it was a fixed point in time and gave up, using her high intellect and fighting and surviving abilities to save people and planets throughout time and space, usually completely alone. While traveling to earth to make sure everything was fine over there, turbulence struck the TARDIS disconnecting a few loose cords and pipes and sent the TARDIS careening into the _________ Airship. Feeling the crash, the captain and lieutenant come running out to see the commotion. Seems to be only them, otherwise there would be other people. After a major argument with the lieutenant, cap asked who she was and her backstory, so, after using her sonic screwdriver to fix the gaping hole in the roof, she told them of all her adventures throughout the universe. Probably feeling sorry for her for always being alone and maybe a bit of seeing some use for her, Cap and Lieutenant invited her to be a crew member for their airship.

    -Physical Description

    Hair style: Curled slightly and messy
    Eyes: Blue
    Body: Slim
    Physical Condition: Fair
    Personality: Very inquisitive, looks around and studies everything, humorous, tastes things randomly, doesn't really have a "bubble", very intelligent, good at deductive reasoning
    Likes: Traveling, being in groups
    Dislikes: Having to sit still for long periods, being bored
    Fears: Being alone
    Goals: Protecting everyone
    Way of speaking: Uses hands (especially when excited), as she gets more excited her volume increases
    Physiological condition: Slight hyperactivity, slightly crazy
    Daniel Arcos

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