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Otto Walter: Captain

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Otto Walter: Captain

Post by Daniel Arcos on Mon Aug 05, 2013 5:05 am

-Basic Info

Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Species: Human
Age: 24
Weight: 155 lbs
Birth date: September 29th 1896
Height: 5' 5"


Born in Leipzig Germany Otto grew in a life of poverty with just him and his parents living in a small home on the ouskirts of the town. By the time he turned 18 he joined the German Imperialst army in 1913 in order to provide for his family. Soon 1914 came around and he was sent to battle the Great War which he would come to find he's fighting for no purpose. By 1915 he and a platoon of infantry were ambushed in the blood stencthed trenches and he was the only one to survive the several bombings which caught his platoon off gaurd. The Americans preceding foward into the trench captured him and made him a prisoner of war. In 1918 when the war had finally blown over with Germany suffering loss and his family killed in action he decided to move to America seeing as there will be no future for him in Germany, and in 1919 he set foot onto the soil of N.Y., U.S. and became an offical citizen.

All alone in America, he works with a german black smith crafting some of the finest guns and swords, and every evening after work he would stare out the shop/housing building of the Smith, and watch the airships sail by.

One day he set out one evening only to run into a fellow by the name of Alexander Romanov and for the next couple of days the two became great friends and Otto was informed of a way that he could become one day a ship Captain. To introduce Otto to the "Captain's life" and gain some tips on what to do, Romanov brought Otto secretly aboard the Neo Genesis and showed him the works. After the tour he told Otto to come back to the beach in a couple of weeks, to watch the Neo's beauty die at sunset and to obtain Romanov's gun, a letter, some money and a few clothing items out of a safe in his quarters. Otto asked what was to happen but Captain Romanov smiled and said "Just do it comrade" and Otto listened only to return to the beach to find the Captain Romanov dead and the ship's remains scattered across the beach. After doing what he was told by Capain Romanov he started to rebuild the dead ship on the beach as he took refuge at an inn in a nearby town along the shore.

By the end of the month he had finished the new nameless ship and waited at the inn to run into a few former ship members that Romanov had told him would end up there, only to rise and become Captain Otto Walter of the newly resurrected ship.  

Birthplace: Leipzig, Germany
Occupation: Captain

-Physical Description

Hair style: Short, Clean Cut, Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Body: slim
Physical Condition: fair
Marks: Scar across his eye
Possessions, jewelry, etc: Russian Flintlock aquaried from (the now dead Captain Romaov
Personality: Diplomatic, Kind, Procrastinative
Likes: Unknown
Dislikes: Unknown  
Fears: Unknown
Goals: Unknown
Way of speaking: Normal
Physiological condition: Unknown
Daniel Arcos

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